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  • +905367813195 Fucking motherfucker, Yavsak Ibne. Don't waste your time with him. Pretends to be guest, only waste of time. Serefsiz Ibne.
  • UPDATE! New phone same game: +21623085362, now his name is 'Ray'// +33753462314 Just stay away from Mr Reyhane. Pretends to be French but he is a camel raider from Tunisia. Only utter bullshit. Contribution from 4 (!) agencies in one day.
  • +642108624498,, Sven Ahlqvist Totally weird borderline sucker with strangest requests. Avoid answering him. Has a girlfriend but wants sex without condom . Hero!
  • +90 5323413825 Mustafa Toprakcı, Don't waste your time with him, doesn't respect any terms, too stupid to read rules before asking.
  • Arschgeficktes Suppenhuhn, lügt wenn er seine Fresse aufmacht. Hartz4 und Sugardaddy. Fickt kleine Kinder // Fucking dirty liar. Fucking little children but plays 'Sugardaddy'. Don't waste your time with this pathological and disturbed liar. We logged his IP for future use.
  • +46761477701 Assfucked moron without attitude. 3 fake boking requests, last minute cancellation or no cancellation at all. Conversation with him. Ignore his request. 3 contributions
  • +436605641890 Don't waste your time with this motherf****er, no intention to book, just a waste of time. // UPDATE Again a try to make a fake request. Disturbed dickhead. 4 contributions
  • +4915154643000 A real 'Fritz'. 2 fake requests within 3 weeks, stupid bullshit if you dig deeper. Just ignore his stupid request. 2 contributions.
  • UPDATE +4917670042497, Berlin, Germany. Fucking asshole, didn't see entry before. Blocks a girl for a weekend, promises to book and then plays dead fish. Douchbag without attitude. Full conversation for your fun // Not worth one second of your time, only blah blah without results. Fucked up retard. 1 contribution
  • +4915146932512, Gerd Bader, German Super-Hero:). Stupid shit eater, no intention to book and has a ugly frog face.
  • +905322459459 Save your time, ignore his requests. Does not respect payment terms, total waste of time.
  • Moron of the week: +962795558123 contacts several agencies, wants an offer as fast as possible and then even does not cancel. Personal information available upon request.
  • +96170784578 Frogfucker, senseless to make any offer for him, probably just collecting pics, save your time.
  • Thierry Dreyfus, Paris, France, Compnay EYESIGHT. Save your time, ignore his request. You can prepare best possible offer: He will decline in the end.
  • +962795558123 Epic Moron. Just say him to fuck his mother or sister. Suppose it is a guy with brain damage.
  • +46733947457 Total moron, waste of time, reserved short notice girl, did not show up. Just a bullshiter.
  • +381606128357,, Sasa Nesic, dishonest, fake, not worth your time.
  •, Phone +41794180070. Stupid crackhead, changes plans 10 times and after cancels last minute. Don't waste your time with him.
  • +905327438240 !! Attention, several fake requests, ASKS FOR SEX WITHOUT CONDOM
  • Stefan Pallinger, Germany, Save time and ignore any message or request from him, you waste your time. Several fake request. Contributions from 4 agencies
  • +962797186600 Stupid idiot, asks same questions again and again and again. Rude reply recommended.
  • Clown without intention to book. Pure waste of time.
  • +441138681250 Stupid guy, reserves one of our best girls for 1 week. But he is not able to answer a simple 'yes' or 'no' question. Is from Leeds/UK, but actually in Mugla/Turkey. Ignore his requests. 1 contribution
  • David Kors, Israel/USA. Most dishonest jerk in the net. Stay away and ignore him. 5 distrubitions
  • +4740073053 Shit eating motherfucker, stupid moron or mentally disabled. Avoid communication
  • +962795180777 Pathological liar. Orders meeting: Father dies. Orders another meeting: Sister in hospital. He should write comedies.
  • +41767697789 Terrible bullshitter. Don't waste your time with this moron, asks an escort agency for virgins... Hope his arse is still virgin:) . Contrubutions from 2 agencies
  • Just block him, he will only waste your time. Contacts several agencies parallely without any intention of booking. 3 contrubutions
  • Michele Casali, Milan, Italy. Stupid motherfucking jerk, don't waste your time with this piece of shit
  • +37065904755 Jerk, Forrest Gump and Smartass in one person. Don't waste your time with him. But so stupid to start request with family picture. Idiot
  • +33637615933 Clown with no intention to book. Shitting in his pants when you talkwith him harder. Looks like a fag:
  • or +33658986019 Don't waste your time, thousend questions, no result. 1 contribution
  • +201224211111 Shit Eater. I promised him to cut his throat and shit in there if he again wastes our time.
  • +421944416748 Very disturbed guy, motherfucker without attitude. Do not waste your time, he only jerks off in front of his computer. Stupid Shiteater | Wanted virgin but don't want to pay. He should fuck his own fist. 2 contribution
  • +393349257227 Biggest Italian bullshitter, ignore his requests. | I will fuck his bloody asshole when I get him in Verona 4 contributions
  • +905537419082 Assfucked moron, fake requests and reservation. Don't waste your time, send him answer: 'şerefsiz ibne!'
  • +201288658965 Absolute No-Go! Don't waste your time with this person, you will lose your time and money.
  • Unreliable client! Reserved a model, reassured he will book her. Showed he is a fake.
  • STING WARNING! Ernst Theussel, Graz, Austria, +436606839934. Fakest guy ever! Agency owner put a reward of 500 Euro for...
  •, Nikosia, Cyprus. Several short notice fake requests. We have blocked him meanwhile. 2 contributions
  • +971504468661,, total waste of time, typical camel rider behaviour, contributions from 3 different agencies
  • +5219981292602, nothing but hot air, seneseless waste of time. wants photos videos but gets lost if you wish to fix a date.
  • +33681189390, +33663622854,, Eunuch from France, several fake requests, 1 agency offers 1000 Euro for....
  • +905374757365. Don't waste your time with him. Even the cheapest price is not cheap enough. Pathetic jerk, a disgrace for Turkey. More:
  •, +420606681695. German mail address, Czech phone number but for sure a Fake Client. Several fake request, after work is done: No reaction. Save your time, ignore him. 3 contributions
  • +9647809852595 UPDATE! other number +9647505007809. A real asswipe, strange requests, only waste of time. 2 contributions
  • +33650952412 Fake request, several parallel requests, utter bullshit. 1 contribution, profile photo available
  • Fake request, bullshitter. Contributions from 3 agencies
  • Giorgi Suladze, Phone +995557355888, several fake requests. Contribution from 4 agencies
  • Avoid any contact! No booking intention at all, save your time. Contribution from 2 agencies
  • +90 5052001469 and +905327438240 Stupid motherfucker, no booking intention, liar, dirty asshole. Contribution from 2 agencies, profile photo available
  • +436769000474 Don't waste your time with him, full force retard
  • +971521305577 Clueless Bullshitter and liar. Total waste of time. Contribution from 2 agencies
  • Utter bullshit. Ask to book long term a group of models but even fails to provide a phone number. Contribution from 3 agencies

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